11/28/12 Numerase helps Call Centers Reduce PCI compliance Costs
new system deletes PCI sensitive data from call recordings to limit scope and cost of PCI audits

2/28/11 Call Recording System Saves Time and Money By Identifying Agents Using the Sound of their Voice
(New System Speeds Install By Weeks and Saves Thousands in Installation Costs)

4/1/10 VirtualLogger Solution Now Rated Avaya Compliant
(VirtualLogger Call Recording Engine is compatible with Avaya Aura™ Communication Manager 5.2 with Avaya Aura™ AES 5.2 server)

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Looking for Numerase ?

Looking for Numerase, our new PCI compliance tool for call recording and screen capture?

Numerase deletes the PCI card data from your call and screen recordings.

You can read more about Numerase in the December 2012 issue of Customer magazine (

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