"Since VirtualLogger sells its services on a month-to-month basis, we have to earn the right to serve our clients every day"

Jim Veilleux, CEO

Virtual Logger

PCI Compliance for Everyone

VirtualLogger makes PCI compliance easy and inexpensive with Numerase. Numerase is a patent-pending process that identifies when a customer says and an agent enters the credit card information during a call. Then VirtualLogger uses that point in time to either delete the credit card number from the audio file or keep it from being recorded in the first place.

Unlike other call recording companies, you don't have to switch your recording system to get Numerase. VirtualLogger can show you to how to use Numerase with your existing call recording system.

With Numerase, you can freely share call recordings with supervisors, quality management, and even agents because the sensitive information is not on the recording. This means that expensive security controls, such as encryption, key management, extensive security training and so on can be limited to the areas where they are truly needed.

Numerase works regardless of the type of PC application your agents use or the screen technology you employ. Changing your data entry screens won't affect Numerase. And because Numerase uses the actual time that the data is transmitted by the customer and typed by the agent, you won't lose more of the recording than you need to.

PCI DSS rules require that credit card information be carefully controlled and the PCI data security rules have hundreds of individual requirements that translate to many thousands of dollars in cost. Using Numerase to take the credit card information out of call recordings is a simple and inexpensive way to limit the scope of these PCI rules and reduce your compliance cost.

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